Value added services

Unloading shipping containers and trucks using personal protection equipment.

In the following circumstances it may be necessary to use personal protection equipment to unload containers or trucks that contain high levels of gas:

  • The degassing process takes too long or is not successful.
  • The client needs the products urgently and does not want to wait.
  • Treatment of EtO-sterilized products.

Ventilating/degassing of EtO-sterilized medical products.

EtO-sterilized medical products can be temporarily stored and ventilated in our ventilation warehouse. If required, we can also remove the shrink wrap which will speed up the degassing process.

Gas measurement in relation to a physical customs inspection (FYCO physical controls)

Dutch customs request a gas measurement immediately prior to a physical inspection of a shipping container. We are happy to offer this service in the south of the Netherlands.

Assistance during physical customs inspections (FYCO physical controls).

Customs will not carry out a physical inspection in case gas concentrations exceeding the TLV limits are measured. In many cases, through our intervention, we enable the customs officer to safely carry out the inspection. As a result, customs can release the shipment as quickly as possible.

Our additional assistance services include:

  • Unloading shipping containers using personal protection equipment
  • Additional measurements in products and packages to prevent customs officers to be exposed to hazardous substances.

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