Training for managers (and employers)

The employer is responsible for the occupational health and safety policy. An employer will be held responsible for a workplace accident that is the result of a failed safety policy. We regularly organize informal information sessions in which we explain safe working methods in relation to gases in shipping containers, trucks, and warehouses while enjoying a cup of coffee and a sandwich. The legislative measures which have to be taken by companies are key topics addressed in these sessions.

Training for warehouse employees

Training and awareness sessions reduce the likelihood of industrial accidents and are therefore considered as a two-star measure in the occupational hygiene strategy. Pursuant to Article 4.10d of the Working Conditions Decree, the employer is obliged to provide elaborate training to employees who are or could be occupationally exposed to dangerous substances. This also applies to logistics staff who have to unload shipping containers. If employees are or could potentially be exposed to carcinogenic substances, the training must be given at least once a year (Article 4.19 Working Conditions Decree).

For training and education in relation to dangerous substances and gases in shipping containers, please consult our partner Customs and Safety Training Nederland (CST Nederland). In addition to this, CST Nederland also offers customs-related courses and training.

For more information about the selection of courses, please visit the website of CST Nederland.

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