Risk analysis

Companies that receive shipping containers must investigate whether employees who open or enter containers may be exposed to dangerous chemicals. Dangerous production chemicals, fumigants, or sterilants can often be found in shipping containers.

A wide range of evaporating production chemicals, sterilants, and fumigants potentially pose a serious threat to employees. This determines the need for specialized companies and suitable extensive measuring techniques. Based on article 4.2 of the Dutch Working Conditions Decree, it should, in any event, be determined to which dangerous substances the employees are or could be exposed. Standard measurements on some commonly found chemicals only lead to a false sense of security.  

Our extensive and reproducible FTIR-analysis in combination with our reliable database form a solid basis for the risk analysis. In most cases we quickly find the relation between specific cargos in containers and their related production chemicals or fumigants. Root cause analyses and categorization of container flows are included in our risk analysis.

Risk analysis can also lead to substantial cost savings by applying, in full compliance with the occupational health and safety catalogue ‘Dangerous gases in shipping containers’, random checks in inventoried safe container flows (Category C). For more information regarding our risk analysis please send an e-mail to the address below: ra@vantienengroup.nl

The advantages:

  • Measurements based on risk analysis offer the best protection.
  • In full compliance with the occupational health and safety regulations.
  • Cost savings without compromising safety.

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