Health and safety

Off-gassing of products in the warehouse

The release of gases or vapours from products is not only an issue in shipping containers and trucks. The off-gassing process continues during storage in the  warehouse. For example, glued wooden pallets may release formaldehyde, and sterilized medical devices can emit ethylene oxide during storage.

To create a safe working environment, the Van Tienen Group assists companies by periodically monitoring gas concentrations in warehouses. These measurements are carried out using advanced FTIR-analysers that are, unlike other measurement techniques, able to accurately measure a wide range of chemicals including formaldehyde and ethylene oxide. All findings will be recorded in an extensive report (in Dutch or English). The report also contains well-grounded advice.

Airborne dust measurements

Exposure to airborne dust may lead to severe health damage. In many cases the effects will become visible only after many years after exposure. For that reason, airborne dust is often referred to as a silent killer. Activities involving possible exposure to airborne dust are welding, cutting stone, woodworking, or working with insulation materials such as rock wool. Airborne dust can also occur during various production processes or during cleaning.

The Van Tienen Group uses advanced measuring instruments that enable us to carry out real-time airborne dust measurements in various particle sizes and personal exposure measurements over a period of eight hours.

Your benefits are:

  • Improved safety through gas and particulate measurements in various working environments.
  • The extensive measurement reports provide an excellent basis for your risk analysis.

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